Friday, April 2, 2010

Marshall's/Target Steals!

Hey everyone! So I posted this morning about my idea to add little extras to this blog, like makeup tutorials and hauls. This afternoon I went to Marshall's and Target, and I decided to try a haul post, just to test things out. So let me know what you think in the comments section!

First, a Merona daytime purse from Target. This was on clearance for only $7 and it was so cute I couldn't resist! It's a canvas/cloth material with a green and white diagonal stripe design. Medium sized (my favorite size) and casual, it'd be great for going to the beach, shopping, or to the movies. I can't wait to start using this!
Next, a skinny black Merona belt, also from Target. I've needed a good versatile belt for forever, and this is just the thing! This belt will go with everything, and only $8. It's a nice black leather-looking material.
Finally - my most exciting purchase! Light wash Lucky Brand bootcut jeans from Marshall's. I am SO happy to have found such a deal! Lucky Brand is a hugely popular clothing brand known for their jeans, and to snap up a pair originally $110 for just $35 is amazing! These jeans are big on me, but in a cute, boyfriend-jeans way. Ahhh!! (That's me being excited!)

So there's my first haul! I'm so happy with all my purchases.
Love, Val

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  1. so jealous of the lucky jeans for 35 bucks! ive nevr been 2 a marshalls, but i shud!

    request: a makeup tutorial plz!



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