Saturday, May 8, 2010

Review: Revlon PhotoReady Foundation

Hey guys! As promised, here is my review of a new liquid foundation of mine, Revlon PhotoReady Makeup. To avoid making this review tedious, I'm going to break it up into segments. :)

Though the bottle claims complete coverage, I'd call this more of a medium coverage foundation. It's definitely buildable though - if you use more product, it can work up to full coverage. This covers minor flaws, but if I have a blemish I like to use concealer over.
This foundation has a heavenly consistency - not runny like some liquid foundations, rather it felt creamier. It blends very smoothly. I like to apply this foundation with my fingers for more control.
PhotoReady gives the most gorgeous dewy (not oily) finish! I never use powder over this, because that would just take away all the dewiness. 
I'm not a huge fan of Revlon's prices, as they're on the high end of drugstore makeup. I got this foundation for $13.49 at CVS, and it contains the standard 1 fluid ounce.
Color Selection
Now, this is one section where this makeup is lacking. There are only 12 color selections, and I've heard many people couldn't find their correct match. However I lucked out and found the perfect match for my skin tone, which is 004 Nude.
If you've been doing your research on PhotoReady Foundation, you'll know that it does contain shimmer. As soon as I purchased this, I took a small dab and blended into my hand. The shimmer is visible, but it's not like clumpy glitter, just tiny reflective bits. I thought the shimmer would bother me a ton, but turns out it doesn't bother me at all. I like the idea of shining when the sun catches you just right. However, opinions vary from person to person, which is why I would recommend sampling this foundation at a friend's or at the store to decide what you think of the shimmer.
One of my favorite aspects of PhotoReady: it comes with a pump! That means you can get the exact same amount of foundation every time, with no mess. Also it contains SPF 20 (though I wear sunscreen under it for full protection). It's oil-free and fragrance-free.
Test this out before purchasing to decide what you think about the shimmer. Otherwise, this is a great drugstore find that leaves me with medium coverage, a dewy finish and a smile. I'm giving this 4.5/5 stars, and I definitely recommend it.

Let me know what your favorite liquid foundation is, and if you have PhotoReady tell me if you like it too!
All for now -
Love, Val

Oh, and in case you can tell - here is a drop of the foundation on my wrist so you can see the consistency.


  1. Hey! Just found your blog and it's really good!! Btw, did PhotoReady break you out? I had Revlon ColorStay and it broke me out really bad!
    xoxo Not-So-Twiggy

  2. @not-so-twiggy Thanks so much! And, I had no issues at all with breakouts!


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