Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Outfit of the Day! (6.22.2010)

Hello readers! I'm off to the MAC counter at my local Macy's in a few minutes (!! my first MAC trip ever) but I thought I'd give you a quick outfit of the day - or OOTD - before I'm off.

   This is my typical summer wear! A cute, floral tank (brand is h.i.p., bought at Nordstrom) paired with denim shorts (Vigoss Jeans, Nordstrom) adds just enough cute to casual wear. I added a gray jacket with three-quarter length sleeves (gift, I believe the brand is 'Lady Hathaway') so I can adjust to any possible weather. Topping it off is a gold floral necklace (Target), black sunglasses (CVS), and of course a strawberry popsicle! (I like Dreyer's and Trader Joe's.) I'm also wearing dark gray Havaiana flip-flops!

Picture taken with my new MacBook Pro! Pretty decent quality for a webcam pic, no?

Hope you liked! Nars/Benefit/Sephora/MAC haul coming soon!

Love, Val


  1. I love your floral top with the denim shorts. Hope you had a great trip to the MAC counter!


  2. @Valerie Thanks!! I did have a great trip actually... I love my new Naked Lunch eyeshadow :)


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