Friday, July 23, 2010

Rambly Update + More!

Hi blogging universe!
  So I'm going on a one-week vacation to the lake! We're leaving tomorrow and I'll get to see a bunch of friends I only get to see once a year, it's going to be super fun! I'll be back Sunday (the day my giveaway ends, August 1st). Please no entries after then. I'll randomly generate a winner and hopefully have it up August 2nd. Just wanted to explain why I won't be posting for a bit!
  To entertain you in this otherwise boring post... here's a peek into my makeup bag for the trip!
Picture credit goes to my laptop, haha :)

  As you can see, nothing exciting. A comb and some hair ties; a natural-looking lip color; Nars Orgasm blush (my favorite along with Benefit's Coralista); a powder; Sephora tinted moisturizer and a L'Oreal foundation; a travel brush set (that little silver tube in the brush section); a retractable Sephora foundation brush; CoverGirl LashBlast Volume mascara; Demeter Orange Juice perfume, a lip gloss, and some other goodies. Sounds like a lot, but it doesn't look like a lot on, promise! (Hidden from view: CoverGirl Shimmering Sands trio.)
  I've made a shocking discovery recently! A lot of the foundations that I selected somewhat haphazardly are so wrong for my skin tone. Some swatches:
  Sorry for the bad picture quality, but hopefully you get the gist.
  See how some of them just blend into my skin, while others sit on top of it? Can't be good!
  Well, now that I have a well-concealed left arm, let me know if you've ever gotten a horribly bad color for your foundation, and I will see you all in a week!
  Love, Val

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  1. I am loving the neutrogena foundation as well!


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