Monday, August 30, 2010

Drugstore Haul/Update!

  First order of business. I am SO, SO sorry it has been too long!! I was on a quick vacation, then right after high school started. I've been carried away with homework, studying, and my new health kick! But I really missed you guys, so here I am. :)
  Over the last month or so I've accumulated quite a bit of drugstore makeup, and I am so impressed with most of it! Quick haul/review for you guys. Then, I hope to return to my one or two posts a week schedule. :)

  • Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation (50 soft beige) - This is an amazing foundation! Possibly my new "it" foundation. As in, the one I will wear year round. Glowy, leaves skin soft, just the right amount of coverage (I don't use concealer with it). I have used it consistently every day for the past month and still love it!
  • Maybelline Dream Matte Powder (medium sand) - Not cakey, not drying - it's just an awesome powder that's very effective for mid-day mattifying, or when I decide to go matte!
  • L'Oreal HIP Shadow Duos - They really are super well pigmented! (See swatches below.) I think they're really cute and MAC-esque. I have Mystical, a crystal formula, and a Sculpted, a metallic formula. Only $8 for such great pigmentation, so they're fun to experiment with color.
  • Wet N Wild Trio in Walking on EggShells - My cousin and I had a five dollars to spend at the drugstore, so we stuck to Wet N Wild. I had never tried their eyeshadows. I assumed they were chalky and badly pigmented, but picked up a trio anyway. All I can say is, wow. Silky, pigmented, and just high-quality feeling! Be careful about dropping, they're soft! 
  • Wet N Wild Eyeliner in Black - At $1, it is surprisingly well pigmented! It's not that super-creamy, kohl Urban Decay/Stila/MAC feel, but it's much better than the CoverGirl liner I had used previously - it's a true black line without pressing too hard.
  •  Wet N Wild Lip Gloss - Okay, so this one's not special. But it's a super sheer fuchsia, so it looked fun. :) 

Okay, all for now. I appreciate all of you lovely followers and I will be posting more. :)
Love, Val

Left to right, top to bottom: HIP Duo in Sculpted (pink and dark purple), HIP Duo in Mystical (aqua and yellow), Wet N Wild trio in Walking on Eggshells (white, brown, and pink)   

Monday, August 2, 2010

July Favorites + Stila Winner!

  Hey all, I am back from my vacation and glad to be blogging again! It's time for my July Favorites (ahh!! summer goes by too fast!) but first, the moment you've all been waiting for... the randomly generated winner of my Stila Giveaway:
  Alyssa, please email me here with your address and I'll have your package shipped ASAP! Everyone else: Don't fret, more giveaways are in the future. :)
  Now, time for my July faves!
  • Sephora retractable foundation brush - awesome for applying foundation and also awesome for travel!
  • Neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation - everything that Revlon PhotoReady lacked; it's glowy, lightweight, and shimmer-free, I love it!
  • Blushes - I've been loving blush in general, pictured is Benefit's Coralista but I also love Nars Orgasm and Penny Lane (cream).
  • Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm - because I've been chapped lately!
  • Stila Waterproof Mascara - waterproof is a must for these summer months!
  • Sephora Tinted Moisturizer - for when I want something a little more lightweight; I'm almost out!
  • Nars Dolce Vita Lipstick - the most beautiful lip color, a sheer rose tint, most definitely my fall lip color!
  • Mac Naked Lunch Eyeshadow - a beautiful skin toned shimmery shadow, great as all over lid color, highlight, or highlight of cheekbones
  • Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves Spray - Just spray onto damp hair and poof! Waves! I wasn't sure it really worked but both my mom and dad commented - unprompted - on how my hair looked wavier than normal. My dad even asked if I'd curled it!
  • Teenage Beauty by Bobbi Brown - An excellent book for all teenagers, whether you love or are just starting with makeup. Gives great advice on makeup, skin care, health, perfumes, and more from the famed makeup artist Bobbi Brown! I love her outlook on makeup; she believes in natural beauty and embracing your features.
  • My (not pictured) new skin care routine (AcneFree 3-Step Skincare System, Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture, prescription acne antibiotic) has been working wonders on my skin!
  All for now! What have you been loving this month?
  Love, Val