Sunday, October 17, 2010

OPI: Just A Little Dangerous

  Hey all! So I've heard so many great things about OPI nail polishes... and now that it's fall, I've been looking for a good dark nail color. I was beginning to feel like I was the last person on earth to try OPI, so I picked up OPI for Sephora's "Just A Little Dangerous" yesterday and I love it!

Color - Vampy deep plum! Not too dark (I avoid black nail colors), and not too serious because of the glossy finish and blue shimmer. Beautiful color, and I love the name. :)
Packaging - Typical nail polish bottle, but with a larger cap that's easy to unwind (even with wet nails!). The brush (though you can't tell in the picture) is actually quite wide, and with the right amount of pressure you could color a whole nail in one stroke. I stick to the 3-stroke method, though.
Formulation - Very pigmented! You can easily get away with just one coat of this stuff. It also makes things a lot easier for me, as I tend to mess up second coats, hee hee. Glossy finish.
Price - $9 - a little more than drugstore, but not awful.
Overall - I love it! I feel trendy (plum is a fall nail/eye/lip/everything trend) but not emo with this color, it's gorgeous and I can't wait to try more OPI.

 All for now! What's your favorite OPI color?
 Love, Val


  1. OPI is so great. And it goes on well, which is important for people like me with shakey hands. :) I can't even choose a favorite b/c there are so many!

  2. So glad that you tried it! Right now I am loving Linkin Park After Dark!

  3. I'm with Brad is my favorite from Sephora by OPI.:D

    ***** Marie *****

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