Sunday, February 27, 2011

Review: Revlon Berry Haute Lipstick

This has been my favorite lipstick of the last two months! Applied directly, it's a fun berry color, but as a stain (apply, then blot) it's a more natural pink color. I love it both ways. :)

application of Berry Haute lipstick
"stain" of Berry Haute lipstick

Formula: Satin. No shimmer, a little creamy. When you apply as a stain it usually ends up with a matte finish, applied normally it has more sheen.

Color: It's a gorgeous berry color! Kinda like a hot pink + blue tones. Nice color payoff.

Packaging: Classic and sophisticated, like most Revlon packaging. It's from the "Super Lustrous" line of lipsticks.

Wear: For me, the sheen lasts around 2 hours; the color, 3-5 hours.

Overall: If you're looking for a berry color, or something different to wear on your lips, I definitely recommend this!

Buy: At most drugstores or for $7.99.

Love, Val

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring Whimsy ♥

Just a quick outfit I put together! This is an example of what I'd like my spring wardrobe to be. Loose, fluttery, floral, and light. The makeup is simple and fresh, and pretty gold barrettes make for cute accessories.
TopShop white top
$30 -

Acne blue short
130 GBP -

Italian leather shoes
$168 -

Floral shawl
15 GBP -

Longchamp belt
78 GBP -

All for now! I'll have a giveaway winner hopefully in the next couple days.
Love, Val

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Halfway Done!

  Hey guys! I'm excited to say that I'm halfway done with Project 10 Pan. I've used up five products already... five more to go!
  How has it been? Well, it's getting a little tough. I keep going to the MAC website and filling up a shopping cart with items, then deleting them all. Sigh. However, this has also been very rewarding. These are pretty much the first makeup items I have ever used up!

Concealer Stick, Dream Mousse Concealer, and  Great Lash Mascara by Maybelline; eos Lip Balm, LashExact Mascara
Okay, all for now. Be sure to read my Sigmax review and thanks for reading & following!

Love, Val

Review: Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki

So a couple weeks ago Sigma sent me their Sigmax Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki. After testing it out for a while - I've used it for foundation, bronzer, and blush! - I've compiled a review for you all. Enjoy!

This brush is from Sigma's "Sigmax" collection, meaning it is dense and synthetic. These brushes were made to be used for high definition makeup and flawless application of liquid, powder, or cream products.
Unlike most kabukis, this brush has a handle. The bristles are short, very dense, and firm but flexible. This makes the brush excellent for stippling or buffing. Also, the bristles are super soft, a total plus in my opinion!
This brush washes quite easily. Wash it as soon as you get it to eliminate shedding (I haven't experienced any after the first wash.) Using the white bristles on makeup will leave them stained, but it's easy to fix. Just buff it into a towel with brush shampoo and water, and your brush will have white tips again.

Foundation - This brush is excellent for liquid foundation. I've found it makes application a lot quicker than a typical "flat" foundation brush. Simply distribute the foundation, then buff or stipple your way to a clearer complexion. (I haven't tried it with cream foundation, and the brush is too dense/small for powder foundations, which work better with fluffy brushes.)
stippled foundation onto a mirror using F80
buffing foundation onto a mirror using F80
what a flat foundation brush does
Cream Blush - I'm so glad to have finally found a brush for my cream blushes! Pick up some blush, apply it to your cheeks, and blend well. Be sure to spread the blush well; the brush doesn't cover a whole cheek.
Powder Blush - This isn't the best for most powder brushes; the firm bristles pick up a lot of product instantly, so you'll likely end up with "clown cheeks!" If you are very cautious it can work, but I'd recommend a fluffier brush instead.
Bronzer - For dramatic, chiseled cheeks, this brush is great. Try using the brush with bronzer around the borders of your face (hairline, temples, cheekbones, jawline). With a lighter hand, you can achieve "everyday" contouring as well. However, this brush cannot replace a fluffy powder brush for lightly sunkissed cheeks.
This is a great addition to any brush collection. If you're looking for a way to 1) apply your liquid foundation, 2) apply your cream blush, or 3) chisel out your face with bronzer, this is the brush for you!

Where to Buy
Purchase this brush for $16 at Sigma's website. They ship internationally!

Love, Val

This brush was sent to me for free from Sigma. I am not being paid to do this review. All opinions and words are my own.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Spring Fashion Wish List

Hey everyone!
Lately I've been lusting after spring fashions, and this could be because of all the magazines coming in (Seventeen, Teen Vogue, InStyle...) or because of the weather warming up (it's getting into the 70's!). In either case, it's time to go spring shopping! Here are a few things on my wish list.

A lot of these are out of my price range but... a girl can dream! What's on your spring fashion wish list?

Love, Val

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

January Favorites

Hey guys! It's time for my (always belated) favorites post!

The month of January was a month of great hair and minimal makeup. I tried to use as little face makeup as possible, paired with bare eyes (save for some mascara) and a bright pink lip. I played around with my new haircut, trying out some blowouts!

  • GloMinerals Loose Base (in Natural Light) is what I've been using as my foundation and concealer this past month. It gives a nice, natural coverage and never looks cakey. On my face I use it with a large powder brush, and for concealer I use it with a small eyeshadow brush. 
  • Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara (in black) was given to me as a sample at Bobbi's Beauty Rules book signing! (I will post about the book & signing soon!) It's a really nice, natural mascara, but it can easily be built up to high lengths and volume.
  • Revlon Just Bitten Lip Balm & Stain (in Passion) is a pretty, fuchsia lip stain. I love the pop of color it gives to my look and the balm on the other side is really convenient and moisturizing. I've even used it in a tutorial!
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss (in Pink Pop) looks beautiful over the lip stain for a higher-intensity pink. Or, it works just as well on its own!
I've been wearing my hair straight, shiny, and swingy all month! I like to blow it out in the mornings with some Chi Silk Infusion and my Revlon Blow dryer. I start by getting my hair mostly dry, then I get a round brush, section off my hair, and start more intricate blow dryer work. Would you be interested in a post on this...?

All for now! Thanks SO much for following and commenting. I appreciate it so much.

Love, Val