Saturday, February 19, 2011

Halfway Done!

  Hey guys! I'm excited to say that I'm halfway done with Project 10 Pan. I've used up five products already... five more to go!
  How has it been? Well, it's getting a little tough. I keep going to the MAC website and filling up a shopping cart with items, then deleting them all. Sigh. However, this has also been very rewarding. These are pretty much the first makeup items I have ever used up!

Concealer Stick, Dream Mousse Concealer, and  Great Lash Mascara by Maybelline; eos Lip Balm, LashExact Mascara
Okay, all for now. Be sure to read my Sigmax review and thanks for reading & following!

Love, Val


  1. congrats and good job on finishing 5! it'd be such an accomplishment for me :)

  2. Hey that's great!! Halfway through and half left..good job!!

  3. Good job, man, I am doing this in my own life too, I have all these products at home and if I just keep buying more I would never finish them. I think using them up make me realized I should NEVER buy a product I don't like, because I would have to use it up myself, or waste it!

  4. wow dont think i will ever get through my eos balm lol xox

  5. My weakness is lip gloss. I will buy countless tubes, use them a few times, then move on to something else. I seriously need to try this Project myself! :)

  6. I skipped back to the older entry to understand the Project first, and I have to say it's really nice! It reminds me of Fashion Rehab, a Project of two bloggers I read about some time ago (which was even more drastic!!!)
    I've been on a "cosmetics-shopping-diet" for a couple of months last year as well, which was a total ban of buying new cosmetics - apart from everything that I truly did run out of (that couldn't be mcgyver'd from anything else in my stash) and actually it really gets you creative with what you already own! Plus it stops you from being wasteful... I kinda got to enjoy it after some time! (I know it sounds weird...)
    But I kinda faltered after a couple of months and haven't started again. But I might just now after this post!! ;)

  7. Haha, in a way I am kind of jealous. I have been trying SO hard to use up some of my makeup products! I literally can't wait till I use up my first MAC eyeshasow.

  8. Congrats on being halfway done!

  9. congrats! Im doing project 10 pan to... its so hard! I wish I could buy more makeup, but then Im like oh no Im doing project 10 pan! I kinda cheat by buying nail stuff... so yeah. :(


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