Saturday, April 23, 2011

Face Chart Fun

  Lately I've been playing around with face charts, printing them out and doing fun makeup on them. It's a lot more convenient than doing makeup on myself, as there is only so much makeup remover I can use in one day!
  Today I'm showing you two looks I did recently on the MAC Face Chart lady. (Most high end brands have their own face charts.)
**Click to enlarge the photos.
This is my bronze, smoky look. I did golds and browns on the eyes, coral on the cheeks and peach on the lips.
Here, I did a purple/yellow look. I did a subtle purple eye with a yellow highlight, cheek contour and blush, and mauve-y lips. I really messed up on those eyebrows!

-You're supposed to use a special porous type of paper. I just used my normal printer paper, which is why the looks come out as "messy."
-Use a lip brush for precise lip color.
-Lashes have to be drawn on with liquid liner (they're tough to do!).
-Eyebrows are hard to do as well, they were the hardest part for me.
-It's pretty much impossible to highlight such pale skin (ha-ha).

Just wanted to share my little experiment with you! Anyone interested in a tutorial for either look?
Love, Val


  1. haha val I LOVE THESE asi do your blog, please follow mine

  2. If you can, use watercolour paper, it gives a better result, and apply a primer to the eye area.

    Watercolour paper can be purchased at craft stores and newsagents.

  3. Good practice Val!
    I enjoy doing this @ times in leisure !

  4. hi there! those look awesome !! especially the bronze look!!! :) I'm interested in a tutorial for the bronzey look!! I love corals!! ^^ good job!!!


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