Saturday, June 18, 2011

My 3 Essential Brushes

Hey guys! So lately, I've been realizing that I reach for the same brushes over and over again: my Sigma F80 for face, my MAC 168 for cheeks, and my MAC 217 for the eyes. Here I'll give you a review and overview of each brush!
top to bottom - F80, 168, 217

Sigma F80 Brush
Design: Flat-topped, synthetic bristles densely packed in a circle.
What it does: Perfectly blends out concealer, applies foundation or tinted moisturizer, or applies cream blush.
Why I love it: It cuts down so much time in my getting-ready routine! I especially love it for blending out concealer - the finish is flawless without losing coverage. See my review.

MAC 168
Design: Softly angled, super soft natural bristles; just enough pressure to pick up blush.
What it does: Beautifully applies bronzer as a contour, blush, and highlights! It's versatile too - turn it on its side for a thinner line, or use it wider to cover the apples of the cheeks. (See my 168 tutorial here!)
Why I love it: It's so convenient to have one brush for every cheek product!

MAC 217
Design: Domed, flexible bristles in an ellipse shape.
What it does: Easily creates an eye look! Can be used in the crease, on the lid, for blending, highlighting, or even under the eye.
Why I love it: Again, convenience wins out here! The quality is outstanding as well.

All for now! What are your favorite brushes??
Love, Val

I received the Sigma brush for review; I am not being compensated, nor am I affiliated with Sigma.


  1. Thanks for sharing honey!!!!

  2. I really need to get my hands on the 217!

  3. I love those brushes too <3 Don't know what I would do without them :) your blog!

  4. Everybody love these brushes too!! I haven't tried any of them yet - sad. But hopefully soon :)

  5. I LOVE my MAC brushes!!!

    Happy Monday Dear! xo

  6. aw great post, these brushes sound amazing and so versatile, as you said!!! I'm dreaming of an angled contour brush!! :)

  7. Ahhh yes. :) These three brushes are my staples as well. I use the F80 for everything--liquid foundation, setting powder. The 168 I love for blushes or contour powders. And #217 I bought a secondary for because I love it so much.

  8. I use the 168 as well! :) New follower!


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