Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nuance Salma Hayek Launch, Reviews + Swatches

This month, a new brand of makeup is launching to CVS drugstores! Nuance, by Salma Hayek, is inspired by the subtleties, or nuances, of beauty. From what I've seen, it features earth tones and a variety of finishes. In addition, the line does not test on animals!
I have two quads: a lip quad in "warm," and an eye quad in "smokey." 

Eye Quad
Shades: "Cool Charcoal," a shimmery black-based green; "Warm Smoke," a satin taupe; "Pearl Teal,"a shimmery almost-teal; and "Silver Mist," a pinky-cream.
Packaging: Interesting! A black plastic bulb that opens into a "flower." Comes with a detachable smudge brush in the center. (There is a lot of empty space in the center; therefore, the item is not as compact as it could be.)
Pigmentation: All of the shades have nice pigmentation and smooth texture; my one gripe is that Silver Mist swatches a bit unevenly. 
Lasting Power: Unfortunately, the shadows fade quickly. Use with eyeshadow primer for a full day's wear.
Pearl Teal, Warm Smoke, Cool Charcoal, Silver Mist
Lip Quad
Shades: "Red Hot," a berry red; "Mauve Berry," a muted beige/pink; "Sheer Champagne," a sheer pink with gold shimmer, and "Plum Shimmer," a muted rose with shimmer.
Packaging: Same as the eye quad, but with a lip brush. 
Pigmentation: All are comparable to lipsticks; Red Hot is most pigmented, Mauve Berry and Plum Shimmer are close, and Sheer Champagne is, yes, sheer.
Lasting Power: The shine will fade soon, but the color lasts nicely as a stain throughout the day.
Plum Shimmer, Sheer Champagne, Red Hot, Mauve Berry

Price: I'm not sure of the particular prices of these items, but I do know that the line ranges from $7.99 to $19.99. 
Overall: Worth a shot if you're looking to try a new brand! The quality is great and the products are well thought out. 

All for now! Will you be trying Nuance?
Love, Val

I got these items for free; they were passed out at BlogHer. I am in no way affiliated with or sponsored by CVS or Nuance.


  1. Those are very interesting! The colors look nice but I would worry about trying to store those suckers! They look huge, but that's really cool you got to try them out for free :)

  2. The packaging is reallly unique, love it!


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