Sunday, October 30, 2011

Review: Sephora Color Flip Palette

A travel-sized, colorful, layered palette. It has three layers: eyeshadow, lip color, and cheek color.
EYESHADOWS Range from purples to neutrals to blues and greens. Unfortunately, the quality is uneven. I found the two matte shades on the far left to have the strongest pigmentation and the purples to have the weakest. With a base and a firm hand, I was able to "make them work!"
LIP COLORS A fun range of mostly fall-themed shades; there are neutrals, berries and even bubblegum pinks. My favorites are pictured in the second row from the top; a sheer, shimmery neutral brown and a vamp deep berry.
CHEEK COLORS Supposedly one is a bronzer, but I find the two shades to be more of a highlighter (left) and a blush. The highlight is pink-toned with shimmer; the blush is a lovely deep rosey color, but is unfortunately a total glitterbomb. I don't mind it so much, but some might.

OVERALL The quality is lacking in places, but it's a cute idea and encourages me to try new color combinations. It's compact and easy to toss into a purse.

TO BUY Sephora, $15.

What do you think of the Color Flip palette?
Love, Val

PS - Sorry for the long, long break - school has gotten really overwhelming. I've missed blogging so much and am glad to be back!


  1. It looks great. Swatches would have helped judge the quality more. :)

  2. Thanks for the suggestion - can't believe I forgot!


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