Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday Link List #1

I'm starting a weekly Link List - here goes! (Let me know if you like these types of posts!)

1) This Sugar Free Orange Cake Bites recipe looks delicious. I'm a huge fan of cake pops, and these look just as good but without the caloric overload. Actually, this whole website is great if you're looking to get healthy; it's full of motivation and recipe ideas!
2) Super easy, super cute Knot Your Average Pony hairstyle. I want to wear it every day!
photo courtesy of The Beauty Department
3) I'm sure lots of you have already heard of this website, but just in case - it's great. Register with some interests - I have beauty and humor as a couple - and click "stumble" to be sent to a random site that you're interested in. I'm never bored anymore, and StumbleUpon is how I found the hairstyle above!
4) Sweaters from Urban Outfitters are to die for! Adorable. I really want one!
I love the color of this one - photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters
5.) Hulu. Okay, not a new one either, but it's a huge favorite of mine. All my favorite shows are there: The Office, Community, Parks and Recreation, Modern Family, New Girl, Up All Night, Biggest Loser... the list goes on!

This may be a little bit short, but with time my Link Lists will get better, I promise! Does any of you enjoy these websites too?
Love, Val